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Take your landscape to the next level, while enhancing your immune system and reducing stress, with a Leisurecraft Sauna.

Each sauna is handcrafted with natural materials and designed to harmoniously blend with the beauty of your outdoor space.

Our passion for outdoor living begins with bringing people and nature together in an ecologically friendly manner. It was a natural progression to add outdoor saunas to our available products. We, along with many of our clients, are conscious of healthy living. Leisurecraft Saunas is a family-owned company located in Dundalk Ontario that shares values similar to our own. They pride themselves on being an eco-friendly company that is working towards a better future. If you are looking to add a sauna to enhance your health and increase relaxation, we would be happy to help you find the perfect style, size and shape for your particular space.

Dundalk Collection

Barrel Saunas

From $8,999

Luna Saunas

From $13,499

Pod Saunas

From $11,999

Outdoor Cabin Saunas

From $13,499

Indoor Cabin Saunas

From $11,999

Pure Cube Collection

Pure Cube Outdoor Saunas

From $10,499

Pure Cube Indoor Saunas

From $10,799

Canadian Timber Collection


From $8,299


From $8,499



From $8,499


From $8,999


From $9,499


From $9,999

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